From North East England Prayers are offered for healing, peace and light.
A moment of Peace for the Holy Land from Quinton, Birmingham UK
The nuns who own this church will keep on praying tonight and tomorrow.
A prayer vigil for peace at the Oakbrook Church in Reston, VA. We are praying that the Holy Land will become a secure and prosperous home for Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, and Christians who live in peace, harmony, and community together. We are also praying that more and more we will become a people who embody and incarnate peace as we try to follow in the footsteps of our Prince of Peace.
my candles join yours
from santa cruz, california
more light, more love, more peace
Love & Light To The World
From Minnesota, USA we post this picture in solidarity with efforts to bring peace back to the city of peace, Bethlehem. With hopes that this will inspire us all to take on our call and do "WHAT WE CAN" to revive and bring peace back to the Holy Land
Prayers are sent daily for peace in the Holy Land (and around the world)
We prayed for justice and peace in the Holy Land, in unison with the people gathered in Bethlehem this evening.
Praying for peace with justice in Israel/Palestine and Syria. At the 12th Century Knights Enham Church in Hampshire, on the site where Christian laws were established for Saxon England. With love and prayers for all our friends in Bethlehem...
With Love and Peace from France, Merry Christmas
My Holy Land tree, adorned with ornaments from Bethlehem surrounded by olive wood carvings. In the center is my Jerusalem candle. Palestine, you are in the center of our hearts as we share a moment of peace in the Holy Land. " There is a future for the man of peace" Ps 37:37. "Seek peace and pursue it" Ps 34:14. We will continue to pray and work for peace as we stand in solidarity with you Palestine. God bless. Peace, Salam , Shalom Glenda & Jim Hutcheson
We lit candles at 4.00 today and prayed for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, praying for peace for Christians, Jews and Muslims. We remembered the wonderful people we met in May on our trip with the Amos trip and pray that God will continue to give them hope and courage and inspiration for even more creative ways of peace making. God's blessings be on them all. karen
"Walikum Assalam" Christmas Greetings and a Prayer for Peace.
A candle lit and a moment of silence to break up studying. God bless Palestine.
I lit my candle in the candlesticks I got in Bethlehem. Prayers for the Middle East…may we truly see shalom come...
The Parishioners of the Anglican Parish of Morningside send our heartfelt hopes and prayers for peace to those in Palestine and Israel, and stand in solidarity with the People of Bethlehem and the Holy Land. Blessings for a holy Christmas 2013. Peace be with you all.
We love you and miss you! Praying for peace and joy today and everyday!!! See you soon Inshallah!
Rachel and Bethany

John, Shawn and Chad

WE LOVE YOU! May God bless you with Peace. See you soon Inshallah!
Marhaba my friends, Missing you today and everyday! May God bless you with Peace and joy this Christmas. I love you all! O-H! I hope to see you soon! Inshallah! with hugs and love from Ohio, Macy