Dear Friends of the World,

This December 23rd, activists for Peace across the globe will light a candle, say a prayer, or send healing energy in solidarity with the People of Bethlehem and the Holy Land. This Christmas season help us change the conversation to one of Hope. 

From Bethlehem Nativity Square in Palestine, we will hold a prayer vigil at 6 pm, 4 pm IST for Peace in the Holy Land and for our brothers and sisters suffering from conflict, particularly in Syria.  Let us together celebrate in unison with the City of Peace recognizing the local and global voices advocating for change.

Whether you believe in the Sacredness of Bethlehem or in the justice of the Palestinian nonviolent liberation movement; whether you believe in a plausible peace between all faiths in the Holy Land or whether you believe that civil society and international solidarity can affect change not only in Palestine but in the rest of the world, JOIN US.  We can be the change that we see in the world.

We invite you to post your messages of Peace and pictures in solidarity with the global call for Peace this Christmas, while keeping in your hearts Nelson Mandela's spirit for solidarity action and the power of nonviolence.

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