Apologies for the lateness -- lighting a candle, toasting with Cremisan wine and praying for peace in the Holy Land
There's no lit candle in the picture, but we keep Bethleem lit in our prayers so that peace may come.
Much love and wishes for a peaceful and happy new year to you, your family, and HLT. Eve and Bernie
A prayer for peace 1600hrs 23rd December 2013.
Prayers from the Netherlands. (and Buddha here could be symbol for Jesus and all who stand for nonviolence and love!)
Candles of remembrance at Piedmont Church tonight
Sending prayers for peace to Bethlehem from Portland, Oregon!
Joy to the World . . .
Let there be Peace on Earth . . .
Love and peace to all our friends in Bethlehem!
May the world be better. God bless you beloved Palestine;<3 <3 <3
From the wilds of Snowdonia, peace and goodwill to all friends in the Holy Land this Christmastide.
A wonderful night of stories from Bethlehem along with prayers. You are loved.
Lit at 'Bethlehem Unwrapped' festival, St Jame's Church, Piccadilly. http://bethlehem-unwrapped.org/
I light this candle envisioning Peace between all faiths in the Holy Land, through out the Middle East & the world.
We pray for a moment of PEACE in the Holy Land. God bless you all!
We pray for a moment of PEACE in the Holy Land. God bless you all!
A group gathered in Corona, CA including one Bethlehemite and we prayed a liturgy of peace, sang, and watched "Little Town of Bethlehem." Merry Christmas. Miss you all!
Let' there be Peace on Earth . . .
Out of all the candles I found in my house, this was my favorite because it reminded me of the place I called home for the past six months—Bethlehem. May the light shine in the darkness and peace prevail in the place where this hope began.
Prayers of blessing and peace for the Syrian people and for the people of Palestine. May the peace and love of God penetrate through the darkness and brokenness of this world.
Prayers for Peace in 2014 for Palestine and All its people. May God's Love envelop each and every one of You and fill you with Faith, Hope and Love.
In the midst of the crazy Christmas season here in the USA taking a minute to remember and pray for justice and peace in Palestine. God bless the peacemakers, widows, orphans, oppressed and the struggling. Salaam.